Juniper Dunes

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Juniper Dunes

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Juniper Dunes Rules

• Approved Safety Helmets must be worn by all ATV/ORV operators and riders on all BLM public or leased lands and roads within the Juniper Dunes area any time the ATV/ORV is being operated. (ATV = All Terrain Vehicle) (ORV = Off Road Vehicle)

• No operator of an ATV/ORV shall carry a passenger while operating on BLM public lands and roads, except that a passenger may be carried if the ATV/ORV is designed by the manufacturer to carry a passenger.

• Safety Flags are required on ALL vehicles operating off road on BLM lands in the Juniper Dunes. All such vehicles will have a whip mast and a 6 X 12 inch red/orange flag. Flags may be of pennant, triangle, square or rectangular shape. Safety flags must be attached within 10 inches of the tip of the whip mast with club or other flags mounted below the safety flag or on another whip. Masts will be either minimum of six feet in height/length or industry standard height/length.

• Safety flags are required for all ATV/ORV vehicles on the Peterson Road, Juniper Road and Wilderness Road but are not required for street legal four wheeled passenger vehicles on those roads.

• ATV/ORV’s and other off road vehicles must have current and valid State registration and tabs/stickers visible on the ATV/ORV.

• Wood pallets can not be used for any type of fire on BLM public lands or roads in the Juniper Dunes area.

• Personal identification including but not limited to driver’s licenses must be on person at all times for the operator of the ORV while the ORV is in use.

• The three access roads (Peterson Road, Juniper Road and Wilderness Road) are for general vehicle access only and are not to be used for racing, back and forth driving or other unsafe acts. – more –

The restrictions are pursuant to the Code of Federal Regulations 43 CFR 8364.1. Violation of these prohibitions is punishable by a fine of not more than $1,000 or imprisonment of not more than 12 months, or both.


Location of Juniper Dunes

Juniper Dunes is Northeast of Pasco, Washington
Map to Juniper Dunes

Maps of Juniper Dunes

Juniper Dunes Map


Land Mark
Going down Pasco-Kahlotus Rd from Pasco there is a Big Yellow Mail Box on the right and Peterson Rd is on the left. Turn on Peterson to get to Juniper Dunes.
Picture taken from Peterson Rd
Land Mark at turn off Pasco-Kahlotus Rd to Juniper Dunes

Smith Canyon turn-off
Smith Canyon

Looking down at Smith Canyon Camp
Juniper Dunes

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