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Beverly Dunes
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Beverly Dunes

Beverly Dunes
Beverly Dune ORV Area is approximately 300 acres and is managed by the Department of Natural Resources. The sand dunes are great for beginners. Most of the dunes are not that big. There are quad size trails in the trees along both sides of the dune area. There are out houses and trash cans for your use. There is primitive camping area in the trees in the Southwest corner of the ORV area. Beverly Dunes is a great place for family fun.


Directions to Beverly Dunes from I-90
From I-90 (Near Vantage) Take Hwy-26 E via Exit 137 toward Othello/Pullman.
About 1 mile turn Right onto Hwy-243.
About 7 miles turn Left onto Lower Crab Creek Rd W.
About 2 miles turn Right into the Beverly Dunes ORV Area.
Beverly Dunes from I-90

Over view of the area
Beverly Dunes

(Note: This Entrance has been moved to the west for better access to the camping area)
Beverly Dunes camping area


Volunteer Opportunities
Every year there is a clean-up at Beverly Dunes on the in the spring. E-mail for more information.


Rules and Information from the
Department of Natural Resources

Beverly Dunes — Open, helmets are required for all riders, and flags are required on ATV’s


Rules and Information from the
Grant County Sheriff’s ORV Unit

Any person can operate any ORV on DNR / WDFW roads and motorized trails with the following:

Current License Plate or ORV Tag

A working muffling system (emitting no more than 105 decibels at 20″) with a “USFS Approved Spark Arrester” that is stamped into the metal on motorcycle mufflers and is clearly visible.

Headlight(s) and taillight(s) are required during the hours of darkness.

Brakes and Brake-light(s).

Effective July 2005

RCW 46.09.117: Riders under 13 must be under direct supervision of a person eighteen years of age or older possessing a valid license to operate a motor vehicle under Chapter 46.20 RCW to ride on a non-highway road.

RCW Except for an off-road vehicle equipped with seat belts and roll bars or an enclosed passenger compartment, it is a traffic infraction for any person to operate or ride an off-road vehicle on a non-highway road without wearing upon his or her head a motorcycle helmet fastened securely while in motion. For purposes of this section, “motorcycle helmet” has the same meaning as provided in RCW 46.37.530.

• Operate an ORV while under the influence of intoxicating liquor and/or drugs
• Operate an ORV in such a manner as to endanger human life
• Hunt, run down, or harass any wildlife from an ORV
• Carry, transport, or convey a loaded weapon in or upon any non-highway vehicle
• Fail to obey any Department of Fish and Wildlife sign
• Launch a boat or PWC from the beach in the Moses Lake Sand Dunes

• Operate any ORV without a valid ORV use permit
• Operate an ORV in a manner as to endanger property of others
• Operate an ORV without a headlight/taillight between dusk and dawn
• Operate an ORV without an adequate braking device
• Operate an ORV without an approved spark arresting device
• Operate an ORV without an adequate muffling device
• Operate an ORV on the shoulder, inside bank or slope of a highway
• Operate an ORV on lands restricted to pedestrian or animal travel
• Violate any rules and regulations of the administering agency

• Operate any motorcycle or ATV without an approved helmet
• Carry passenger’s on an ATV or motorcycle
• Operate any ORV (except motorcycle) without a flag that is 108” from the ground and is orange or red
• Discharge any firearm in the off-road vehicle areas with the exception of the seasonally closed area of the Moses Lake Sand Dunes during lawful hunting seasons
• Burn pallets, tires, or any wood with metal fasteners


Resolution for Alcohol Ban in Beverly Sand Dunes

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