Trail 4W613 / Divide Ridge East

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Trail 4W613 / Divide Ridge East

Ahtanum Trail 4W613 Ahtanum Trail 4W613 Ahtanum Trail 4W613Ahtanum Trail 4W613 Ahtanum Trail 4W613
Trail 4W613 also know as “Divide Ridge East” runs a long the Northwest border of the Ahtanum State Forest and Southeast boarder of Rimrock ORV area. The trail runs along Divide Ridge with some great views over looking Rimrock Lake and the Yakima Valleys on the other side.

4W613 runs from FS1020/A-2300 to Louie Way Gap Trail 4W608. A long the trail you pass Strobach Springs, Dome Peak and Strobach Mountain. The trail is tight and steep in areas on the South end (Foundation Ridge. In the summer the trail is power around the Dome Peak Fire area. On the North end near Louie Way Gap the trail is steep and off camber in areas.

From the Ahtanum North Fork Paved road you can get to 4W613 a few ways. You can drive up Jackass Road off to the South Trail Head or take Nasty Creek Road to the Louie Way access trail that meets up with the North Trail head of 4W613 and Trails 4W608 and 1127. Also off of Nasty Creek Road you can turn on the Strobach Mountain Trail to meet 4W613 at Strobach Mountain.

From Rimrock Trail 4W608 meets 4W613 on top of Divide Ridge. You can also take 4W615 up past Blue Lake and onto FS1020 to the South Trail Head. FS1020 becomes Jackass Road.

Trail 4W613 was adopted in 2008 by the All Wheelers Off Road Club AKA Eastern Washington Adventures Club. The club has started work on the trail but there is much more to do.