Photos: PNW Dual Sport 2019 Summer Opener

PNW Dual Sport 2019 Summer Opener
Report by Clay Graham. Photos by Clay Graham / SS Food Truck / Eastern Washington Tourism

On Thursday, May 16th, 2019, we headed from Selah to Cascade Peaks Campground in Randle with the Pickup/camper and the P30 SS Food Truck to cater the PNW Dual Sport Summer Opener. We got there and set up before dark.

The mornings we sold pancakes and coffee for breakfast. Lunch we sold franks and bratwurst. Dinner we catered meals on Friday and Saturday. Friday we severed a brat with a bun & sauerkraut , chips, and a soda. Saturday was spaghetti with meat balls and a soda. Shaved ice was sold all day.

Each day most when for a ride. Saturday night they had price give-a-ways for the sponsors.

Here are some photos of the PNW Dual Sport Summer Opener:

PNW Dual Sport

food truck

SS Food Truck




Bratwurst and Franks






Beef Frank

spaghetti with meat balls

Spaghetti with meat balls

PNW Dual Sport



PNW Dual Sport



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