Photos: EWOR Sledding 4×4 Run at Ahtanum State Forest

Sledding 4×4 Run at Ahtanum State Forest
Hosted by Eastern Washington Off Road
Report by Clay Graham. Photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

On Sunday December 13th, 2009 we met up at the Cowiche Quick Stop in Cowiche Washington for our annual Sledding Run.
On this run we had 8 rigs with most carrying kids and sleds.

We headed up Cowiche Mill Road and then up Cowiche Ridge road.

We stopped to air down before going up onto the ridge.

Phantom-309 & Stone were in the area and stopped to say hi.

Moving up the ridge.

We stopped to wait for Victor to make a icy climb with his Hummer.

We again stopped for Victor at the top of another hill climb.

We turn around to go back down to Victor. He was airing down some more.

I climbed back up the hill to take pics of the other coming up. Havo followed me so I didn’t get a picture of his rig.







This area had a good snow drift and was a little hairy for the Suburban just before this picture.

We stopped to regroup before crossing Nasty Creek Road.

We drove up the Strobach Mountain Trail to find enough snow to sled on.

We stopped to sled and some headed on up the trail to play some.

The rigs of the day.

After we were finished with sledding we back tracked the Strobach Mountain Trail.

This area was kind of hairy dropping into and now I had to see if I could make it back out.

I made it out but it wasn’t as graceful as I would have liked. It was fun though.

Here we turning off Strobach Mountain Trail onto Nasty Creek Road.

We decided to go play with the rigs some so we took a side Green Dot road where the snow was deeper.

Victor got stuck.

Foxracer hooking up to pull the Hummer out with his Rubicon.

See the video here:

Round two of Foxracer’s Rubicon puling out Victor’s Hummer.

We moved on down the mountain to Nasty Corrals where we decide to turn up Doe Pocket.

On the way up I saw some wildlife moving below down by the paved road.

On up the ridge we came to a slick hill. Here are a few pics of the rigs heading up.

It was time to head back down since some of the people had things to do.

Looking toward Yakima.

We stopped to regroup at Nasty Creek Corrals.

We headed to Tampico to air up. The Tampico compressor was not working so we aired up with what we had.
We all parted ways from Tampico.

This was another fun day thanks to all that came.

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