Photo: EWOR “Wagons East!” Naches Pass Run

“Wagons East!” Naches Pass Run
Report and photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

On Saturday October 10th, 2009 we meet up at Lost Meadow campgrounds in Little Naches off FS1906 with 14 rigs.

We took NF19 and turned up FS1914.

We took Pyramid Pass over to the west side.

The trail only had a few wet areas.

At the top of the first climb we stopped to regroup.

Don broke his track bar on the way up.

Don headed home and we continued up the trail.

This mud hole seems to always be here all season.

At the Pacific Crest Trail we stopped for lunch and to see the sites.

The Government Meadow sign tells about some of the history.

After a short break we were back on our way east.

The top of Naches Pass.

We passed a lot of rigs as we dropped down the east side.

We stopped as we crossed FS1914 to regroup.

This bridge is kind of weird with the zigzags.

This bridge has gotten a few rigs.

Regrouping on FS1913.

Wow, they rerouted the trail.

Wow is right! Holy ****. The new part of the trail is going to kill someone.
There is one area where the trail is too skinny without anything to stop you from rolling off the cliff.
The side of the trail seem to be falling off as we came through.

A quick stop after dropping back down to earth.

At the East Naches Pass Trail Head we regrouped to head back to camp.

Some of the people headed back home and some of us camped.
The night was really cold. My water lines in my camper froze. Some that tent camped left early in the morning.

The rest of us took our time about leaving. Havo’s family headed out next.
Havo Jr came back to tell us that Hwy-410 was blocked by a landslide.
Test Dummy used Barbie’s car to go get gas for his CJ and to find out what was going on.
Whistling Jacks had no power to sell gas and Squaw Rock ran out of gas the car before them.

Test Dummy found Havo and they were planning on wheeling out. Test Dummy planned to go back and get his CJ to follow them.

Test Dummy came back to camp to tell us what he found out. The people he talk to said there was a landslide over Hwy-410 and the river near the Nile.
They said the area was flooding and the only way out was going west over Hwy-410 or to wheel over Bald Mountain.

Jay gave Icesis some gas for his XJ so my wife could drive it over the pass.
I gave Test Dummy some fuel from my XJ for his CJ and some extra for Havo’s group if they needed it.

Here we are turning to go to the west side.

Cayuse Pass was closed so we had to go all the way around through Enumclaw to get back to Selah.
Test Dummy could not find Havo so he headed west too. We ended up staying with Icesis in Kent.
My son “Doc” had an appointment at Children’s Hospital so it worked out for us.
Test Dummy stayed and followed us across I-90 since he was driving his CJ.

We stopped at Indian John Rest Area to make sure Test Dummy’s CJ was doing ok.

This was a great run with plenty of added adventure.
A special thanks to all the people that helped get everyone home.

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