Photos: All Wheelers Off Road Club Memorial Day Run

2004 Memorial Day ORV Run
Hosted by All Wheelers Off Road Club
Report and photos by Clay Graham / Ceg Ranch

My family has been into 4 wheeling and riding dirt bikes for years. I moved away and so we kind of stopped going. In 2004 I bought a XJ and started exploring the Ahtanum. My family in Western Washington got into riding quads and saw what fun we were having in Eastern Washington. They wanted to come over and go on ORV runs in Eastern Washington to ride where it was dry. Our first run back together was the 2004 Memorial Day Weekend. This worked out well so we wanted to get other to join us so we had other people to go with. We came up with the idea of starting a group that was free to join. We called this new group “All Wheelers Off Road Club” since we wanted all types and makes of ORV to join us.

Update: This is where the All Wheelers Off Road Club first started and then shortly after I make the “Eastern Washington Off Road” Forum for all outdoor enthusiast which later became “Eastern Washington Adventures“.

The 2004 Memorial Day ORV Run
We met at the Ahtanum Sno-park the end of May 2004 for Memorial Day weekend. We only had the stock 89 XJ and the others had quads. My brother didn’t think it would work with us in the XJ and them on quads but it did.

Here are some photos of our first All Wheelers Off Road Club event:

I used the neighbor’s car trailer to bring my XJ.

Monster riding her cousin’s 50.

My brother and his daughter Jag.

Beer break on the Mid Fork near Eagle Nest.

Monster and the XJ on a fire wood run.

Diccant trail.

Mischief Maker and the kids.

The group.

Mini bar!

Deer on the trail.

The neighbor took his trailer home and then I broke my XJ. Lucky I have a friend with a tow truck.

This was a wet but fun Memorial Day Weekend.

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