Darland Mountain Loop Drive

Darland Mountain Loop Drive
Report & photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

On Sunday September 2nd, 2012 we took our friends for a drive to the Ahtanum State Forest to do the Darland Mountain loop. They had never been to the Ahtanum State Forest so we showed them some of the different places we like to go.

We first took a drive though the Ahtanum Campground and then made an outhouse stop at the Ahtanum Winter Recreation Trailhead.

Next we headed up the Middle Fork, through Tree Phones Campground and then made a stop at Eagle Nest to go see the view.

After Eagle Nest we headed on up to Darland Mountain with a drive through Clover Flats Campground along the way.

We stopped at a view point on Darland Mountain before topping it. It was a great day for the views. You could see Mount Jefferson, Mount Hood, Mount Adams, Mount St. Helens and Mountain Rainier as we cross Darland Mountain.

We headed on down the North Fork. At Shockley Rock we took a look at the new road being put in that will be going around the back side of Snow Cabin Campground. Looks like they have a lot done.

Next we stopped for a break at Snow Cabin Campground. The Snow Cabin Campground just reopened after being closed for the season due to dead trees that could have fallen on campers. There were many trees removed and there is still a mess of debris in the campground.

We headed on out with one last stop at Ahtanum Meadows on the way.

This was a very fun day with friends. Here are a few photos:

Eagle Nest Vista.

Looking toward Blue Lake from Eagle Nest.

Mount St. Helens from Darland Mountain.

Mount Hood and Mount Adams from Darland Mountain.

Snow Cabin Campground.

A lot of dead tree were removed in Snow Cabin Campground.

Bull Trout.

New camp markers at Snow Cabin Campground.

The last stop was at Ahtanum Meadows.

This was a nice drive at the Ahtanum State Forest.


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