Eastern Washington Adventures History



In May of 2004, Clay Graham created the All Wheelers Off Road Club with the support of family members. The club was made due to there were no clubs that would allow ATVs and rigs to run together. Our founding members had one or the other. The group was designed that all off road vehicles could go on a lot of the same runs. To grow so no one would be out alone, since not everyone can go all the time, the logo was made. The hope was it might attracted others to go with the group. The founders did not want anyone to have to pay to join to hang out together. Keep it free, keep it simple. Clay Graham created started with a MSN Group page. That did not seem to work.

In December 2005 Clay Graham created a forum in hopes to meet others wanting to do things on the east side of the Cascades in Washington State. By this time half the All Wheelers members were also Wud Wheelers members which was a known group in the Yakima Area at the time. Clay Graham named this new forum “Wud Wheelers” in hopes get people that knew them to sign up. Again not many got involved because of having a club name on the site. Since the main goal was to get to know others on the east side of the Cascades, Clay Graham had a forum vote renamed the site. Most agreed the it would be renamed “Eastern Washington Off Road”. This brought a lot of new people onto the site and new members to both clubs.

To keep the forum runs different than the Wud Wheelers runs the founders continued to used the old name “All Wheelers Off Road Club” on our hosted events. The Wud Wheelers Club faded away over time. Clay Graham started to host more things as “Eastern Washington Off Road” events for all forum members since that is what the group was about. Some of the AWORC runs were kept secret and open only to devoted members because some forum members had caused problems showing up in the past.

Within the first few years the web site had became much more than just a web forum. The site members added thousands of pictures of the adventures they went on from ORV runs to visits to the cities. The group lead by Clay Graham started doing public land work parties and shared public land area information. Many of the devoted All Wheelers members formed a PNW4WDA club called “Yakima/Kittitas Forest Watch” to help keep public land access open to all. That club has brought you the “Forest Watch Volunteer Program” that you can find on this web site today.

For the web site’s fifth year anniversary of the web site, Ron Dunn Jr. payed for a big upgrade. Ron Dunn Jr. moved the website onto to a big dedicated server and up-graded to the newest software to better the web site.

In 2011 the founding members of the “All Wheelers Off Road Club” changed the name of the club to match the new name of the web site to get back to why the group was formed in the first place. To meet others to go places with. The new name “Eastern Washington Adventures” is in memory of John Palstring II (1975 – 2011). John inspired the founders to continue to push forward with the adventures and that is why this web site is here today.

In 2015 the forum was shut down to lack of members posting. Everyone started posting on Facebook since it was easier to share photos. All the sponsors did not want to renew. The eleven years of reports by Clay Graham were all moved to a WordPress server with the EasternWashingtonAdventures.com URL going there. Selah Sweets, the Graham’s family business picked up paying the web site and domain names cost. With Selah Sweets being a newer company and business not being so great in a small town, the two sponsored web sites, EasternWashingtonAdventures.com and SelahAdventures.com had to merge onto SelahSweets.com. This cut the cost to keep proving the free services.

Eastern Washington Adventures