EWA Event Rules

Types of Eastern Washington Adventures Events and Basic Rules
Everyone must respect the land/place visited and other users to attend any event.
Please follow this basic rules or we will have to ask you not to come back.

Eastern Washington Adventures host a lot of different types of events from the cities to the mountains, from hiking to wheeling:

ATV riding, Backroads, Bike riding, Boating, Camping, Fishing, Four wheeling, Get togethers, Hiking, Horseback riding, Hunting, Meet & Greets, Motorcycle riding, ORV runs, Pubic land Clean-ups & Work parties, Sightseeing, Skiing, Snowmobiling, Tours, Volunteering, etc.

Please respect the places we go and the people we meet on the adventures. Pack it in, pack it out. Stay in the areas allowed to the public.

Types of Vehicle Runs offered by Eastern Washington Adventures
All ORVs = Dirt type motorcycle, ATV, Side by side and all size 4 wheel drive trucks & SUVs. (Also Buggies and rails in sand areas)
Bike = Dirt type motorcycle.
Quad = ATV and Side by side.
Quad/Bike = ATV, Side by side and dirt type motorcycle.
Backroads = Street legal stock 4 wheel drive trucks and SUVs.
4×4 Rigs = All size 4 wheel drive trucks and SUVs.
Small 4×4 Rigs = CJ, YJ, TJ, JK, XJ, MJ, ZJ, WJ, Scout, Sidekick, Samurai, 4runner, small Toyoda pickups and other vehicles similar to these size vehicles.
Better than stock = 33″ and bigger tires.
Locked = 33″ and bigger tires and at least one locker.
Locked w/winch = 33″ and bigger tires, at least one locker and working winch.
Street legal ORV = Must be licensed and equipped to drive on street. We do not care if your rig will pass the LEO inspection. It is your ticket.

Basic Rules to follow
The Basic Rules for Eastern Washington Adventures events.
Please follow EWA rules and the rules of where we go or we will have to ask you not to come back.

ORV Trail Etiquette

1. Have food, drinks, cold weather gear, First aid kit, and recovery gear on or in your ORV. A CB radio and Fire extinguisher if you have a rig.
2. Make sure your vehicle is trail worthy and legal.
3. Don’t leave the convoy without talking to the Trail Boss.
4. If you don’t see the vehicle behind you within a few minutes, stop. Wait until you can see the vehicle again before going on.
5. Stop and wait at intersection for the vehicle behind you so they know which way to turn.
6. Tread Lightly! Stay on roads and trails.
7. Pack it in, Pack it out!
8. Keep your speed down when meeting others on your path and around camps.
9. Drive safe.
10. Respect all the Trail Boss’s decisions. See Trail Boss below.
11. Be safe and courteous to others.
Trail Boss
The trail boss determines the trails to be taken, the ORVs allowed to go, the line up of ORVs, the time to stop and the time to go. Please respect the Trail Bosses decisions. Do not leave the group unless you talk to the trail boss. This is for your safety and the safety of others.

Tail Gunner
The last vehicle in a trail-ride convoy. The tail gunner is responsible for making sure everyone finishes the trail. Temporary position appointed by the Trail Boss.

Suggestion to all the full size guys, get locked up and get a winch before you take your full size on snow runs. If you are the only full size, you may have to leave your vehicle until someone in another full size comes up to pull it out. One other thing about snow wheelin’ a full size, expected to get body damage when running the tight trails. Even the smaller rigs get damage from these snow covered trails, but just not as much.

Some runs are not open to all rigs
There are some runs that Stock rigs and open diff rigs will not be able to go on. Does not matter what size or make of rig. Some runs if you are not running a big enough tire and have lockers you will not make it. No one wants to spend the day doing recovery on a rigs that wasn’t set up for that run. There are other runs that not being locked up is just a safety issue. Death.

See upcoming events at the EWA Facebook Event list