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Warrior’s Quick Stop Grand Opening

Warrior’s Quick Stop Grand Opening
Report and photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

On Sunday June 17th, 2012 we headed to Cle Elum to the Warrior’s Quick Stop Grand Opening.

There was a lot of free food, a guy playing music, a bounce house and lower priced fuel than other places around the state.

Here are a few photos of this event:

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Father’s Day 4×4 Run at the Nile

Father’s Day 4×4 Run at the Nile
Report by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures
Photos by Clay Graham & Charlie Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

On Friday June 15th, 2012 a lot of Eastern Washington Adventures members met up near Saw Mill Flats to camp for the Father’s Day weekend and to run the 4×4 trails in the area. Guido and TJ40 had Campers, Rangerat had a RV, BlindPilot, Joker, Spot and Warbi were in tents and I had my truck bed with a canopy. We had a small city in the forest.

On Saturday around 10 AM a Bobracing and Test Dummy showed up a long with four rigs from the Shindig Wheelers.

There was fourteen rigs counting the ones in both groups. We headed up the FS1600.

We turned down 4W697. Not to far down the trail there is a steep drop off. We went down one rig at a time until we were all to the bottom.

We headed on down 4W697 through the tight trees along Glass Creek. We cross the creek three times and headed back up hill.

On up toward the top of the ridge there was a little off camber. It was not to bad but could be if wet.

Up where the trail turns onto FS1605 we met up with two more Jeeps. We took a lunch break there.

After lunch we moved on with sixteen rigs. We run together until Warbi’s JK had a steering problem. We turned around to help Warbi and the Shindigs moved on.

Warbi some how bent his pitman arm on his JK. Test Dummy got the rig where it would turn both ways some and we headed back down to the nearest forest road which was FS1617.

Ones on FS1617 we headed out toward FS1611. Not to far down the road we had to stop to cut a tree off the road. TJ40 was nice enough to run the saw. Once the road was cleared we moved on.

At FS1611 Bobracing headed back to camp so he could help Warbi get his JK back home. Test Dummy and Spot also headed out. We moved on with six rigs heading up FS1611 to get over to 4W696/Mud Springs Trail.

We ran 4W696 to the end. We turned down FS1601 and then ran FS1613 back up to 4W696.

Not to far back up 4W696 we took the Mud Springs road and looped back onto 4W696. At FS1611 we headed back down to our camp along FS1600.

Back at camp we had a good time. The kids played games and seem to have a lot of fun.

Sunday morning Guido and BlindPilot were nice enough to give Charlie and I breakfast. Thanks guys!

After breakfast Charlie and I headed home to be with the family.

This was a great trip thanks to all who came.

Below are some photos taken by Charlie and I.

Our camp for the Father’s Day Weekend.

Saturday’s EWA Line up.

With the Shindig Wheelers.

Heading down the trail looking back.

Coming up to the steep part of the trail.

The group waiting as rigs go down one at a time.

Looking down the easier part of the steep section.

Down at the bottom watching others come down.

Going back to the rig to move on down the trail.

The first water crossing.

Regrouping right before the third water crossing.

On up at the top of the ridge the Shindig Wheelers cut some drown trees from the trail.

Lunch break up on FS1605.

Charlie my Co-pilot.

Moving on.

Up past 4W695 the Shindig Wheelers had more trees to cut out of the trail.

We got a call on the CB that Warbi could not steer his JK, so we headed back down. Test Dummy had fixed the JK so
there was some steering.

Warbi turning around to head back down.

We had to stop on FS1617 to cut a tree out of the road.

Up at the Mud Springs Trail with six Jeeps.

Coming back from running the Mud Springs Trail.

We headed back to camp down FS1611.

There are more photos at:…1&l=d8d988e9a0

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Tree Phones Camping Trip

Tree Phones Camping Trip
Report and photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

Friday June 1st, 2012 Guido turned 50 and went to camp at Tree Phones for his birthday. Jeepsum & wife and I went up to visit Guido for his birthday. I stayed the night and came home in the morning after Guido cooked us a great breakfast.

Here are a few pictures.

Jeepscum brought the birthday boy a king’s chair.

The birthday boy trying out his king’s chair.

The next morning at Tree Phones Campground.

Got snow? We did in Tree Phones Campground.

The Mid Fork Ahtanum Creek that runs along Tree Phone Campground. Very peaceful to hear at camp.

Guido made us a great breakfast.

Tree Phones is about 5 1/4 miles up the Mid Fork Ahtanum Road. Look for the Tree Phones sign on the left.

Thia was a lot of fun.

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Checking out Camp Spots in Naches Ranger District

Checking out Camp Spots in Naches Ranger District
Report and photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

On Thursday May 31st, 2012 we took a family trip up to check out some camp spots for future events.

Fist we went up to the Nile to see if road FS1601 was open to get to one of the camp spots we had a two years ago. The road is closed due to the May 2011 washout.

Next we took at drive around checking out other areas to camp near Saw Mill Flats. We found a few we liked and then headed out.

Headed east on SR410 we saw some Big Horn Sheep along the road. We stopped with flashers on to let the next cars know the Long Horn Sheep were close to the road. I took a few pictures before the next car came up.

We decided we would go checkout camping areas around Rimrock Lake. We found a few nice ones but really like the South Fork “Reserve Only” campground. We took a walk thought the South Fork Campground to see what it had to offer. We plan to try to reserve the site next year since we cannot get a weekend this year due to they are booked up.

Here are a few photos of our exploring:

FS1601 Closed due to the Forest Service blocking the road.
No money to fix the road, only money to bring equipment and rock in to block the road so we don’t drive in the creek.

Looking back at Saw Mill Flats.

On up the road we let he kids explore some.

Headed East on SR410 we saw some Long Horn Sheep.

Look like goats to me.

Checking a reserve campground near Rimrock Lake.

South Fork Campground.

This was a fun little trip.

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Memorial Day 4×4 Snow Run at the Ahtanum State Forest

Memorial Day 4×4 Snow Run at the Ahtanum State Forest
Report and photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

Around 10 AM on Monday May 28th, 2012 Eastern Washington Adventures members meet up at the Ahtanum Winter Recreation Trailhead and aired down for the snow wheeling run. It was a nice warm day.

We waited around until 10:30 for others and then headed up the Mid Fork with Joker as the lead. We turned onto Whites Ridge Loop and then up the Whites Ridge 4×4 Trail. Not far past the McLaine Canyon Road we found some trees across the trail. Guido cut the down trees and we helped get them off the trail. We moved on to hit off camber snow not to far past where the trail merges with the closed road. BlindPilot took the lead about the point where I smashed up my XJ on the 2011 Memorial Day run. We pushed on up the off camber snow covered trail cutting more down trees out of the way as we went. We pulled off to the side to let some FJ40s go past us. They did not go to far before turning around. We pressed on until we lost the trail in the area the logged out.

We decided to go back down once the group was back together and Joker lead the way. We turned off the Whites Ridge 4×4 Trail and run McLaine Canyon Road down to the Mid Fork. Next we headed up the Mid Fork and stopped at Tree Phone to use the outhouse. Once business was done we head on up the Mid Fork. Not far from Eagle Nest we found two quad riders turning around. The flatter part of the snow drift above the road was getting narrow. We all decided to head back down.

On the way back down the Mid Fork “JK Lance” found a soft spot in the snow over the ditch and fell in. With a little winching he was out and we headed back down to the Ahtanum Winter Recreation Trailhead to air up for home.

This was a great run thanks to all who came. I special thanks to Joker for driving me around all day in his TJ.

Here are some photos of the Memorial Day Snow Run at the Ahtanum State Forest:

Airing down at the Ahtanum Winter Recreation Trailhead.

Up on Whites Rigde 4×4 Trail stopped to cut some trees out of the way.

Guido and his Wild Thing getting ready for the job.

Of course people had already damaged some young trees since they drove off the trail to get around the down trees.

Here is where things go tougher.
BlindPilot took the lead to break trail through the off camber snow drift that covered the trail a lond distance.

JK Lance having fun.

Some more trees down.

BlindPilot moving on breaking trail.

Here comes my ride. Joker in his Rodicon.

Another tree down.

We decided to just make two cuts and winch the part in the trail out of the way.

Using a snatch block to get the log off the trail.

Moving on.

Another tree down. This one was light enough to pick up and move by hand.

BlindPilot making a path for Joker.

Joker high centered.

BlindPilot giving Joker a pull.

Making our way up toward Make-out Point Hill.

Up in the area they logged looking for the trail.

Guido having fun.

Looking down the trail at JK Lance and TJ40.

Heading back down with an emergency stop for a pullup change.

Here we are stopped so some could use the outhouse at Tree Phones.

Moving up the Mid Fork toward Eagle Nest with Joker in the lead.

Some quad riders turning around.

The path getting narrow.

Joker decided to go on and check things out.

Joker said the trail got worse, so we started turning around where the quads did.

Heading back down with Joker in the rear on the pack.

This was an hairy spot. Either get on the drift and hope you don’t flop onto the road or drive off camber on the edge of the road.

JK Lance fell into the ditch after the snow gave way.

On down the road got dusty.

Regrouping at Tree Phones.

Airing up at the Ahtanum Winter Recreation Trailhead.

What a great day of fun!