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Photos: 2010 Slab ORV Area Clean-up

2010 Slab ORV Area Clean-up
Report and photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

Around 10 AM Saturday March 27th, 2010 Eastern Washington Off Road members and other volunteers met up at the Slab ORV area parking area to help the Dust Dodgers with the clean-up.

The sign in booth.

Deputy Sutliff came out to support the volunteer efforts.

Fatboy, Test Dummy and Fireman Bob.

Guido airing down.

Test Dummy’s crew heading out.

Two of my kids went with Fatboy. Doc and Odo stayed to help 99 and I pickup around the sign in booth.


jeffs_62 & son.

Dust Dodgers trucks heading to the dump.

Time for lunch.

Jeepscum, Dirty Bill and Roller Bear.

Doc talking to Jeepscum about something important. LOL

Fish and kids.


Crawl Dad and Mama moving into another work area.

Roller Bear.

Crawl Mama and Crawl Dad working hard.

RDub and Test Dummy’s crew hit the jackpot.

The volunteers picked up over 3700 lbs of trash on this day.
Thank you to all the came out and helped.
Thank you Dust Dodgers for paying the dump fees.
Thank you Stroke-This for the trash bags.
Thank you for helping us cover the cost of advertising.

All Wheelers Off Road Club
Eastern Washington Off Road
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Spring Fever Run at the Wenas Wildlife Area – Mar 20 2010

Spring Fever Run at the Wenas Wildlife Area
Report & photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

On Saturday March 20th, 2010 we meet up at the Sheep Company Road entrance of the Wenas Wildlife Area AKA L.T. Murray around 10 AM.

Airing down.

We took Durr Road, then Bull Pasture Road and up Bell Tel. Road

We had a big herd of elk run in front of us. I have some video of them.

Just up from them we saw a coyote run across the road going the opposite way.

At the top we turned onto he Umtanum Ridge Road and stopped at the Oasis for a break.

Moving up the Umtanum Ridge Road it got real muddy for a short distance until we hit the snow.

Looking back as we turning off down Black Canyon.

Black Canyon had some slick spots in the trees.

Here’s looking at Mt. Rainier.

This area was slick and had a good drop in the road from the water melting the ice.

At the Y we turned to run back on top of Umtanum Ridge.

Back up on top of Umtanum Ridge.

Dropping down we saw some deer and then a big herd of elk.

We stopped for another break before leaving the trees.

At North Wenas Road we stopped to see what everyone wanted to do.
Most were for driving down the road and going back up on top from near Wenas Lake.
Don decided to run the Ellensburg Pass to see a water fall.

Talking to Jerry.

Heading back up toward Umtanum Ridge.

Scuba called us to hold up because he had a problem with his XJ.
We pulled over to wait.

My boys bugging Guido.

Looking back at Scuba.

Scuba called us on the CB and said his rig was down. His steering box came off the frame and he could not fix it there.

We headed back down.

We stopped to give Scuba’s crew a ride. Guido had room so they rode with him.

At the pavement we aired up to go for Scuba’s tow rig.

Back in Selah at my place where Scuba’s tow rig was, I jumped in my Suburban to go get gas and
Jerry lead Scuba with his tow rig back to where the XJ was broke down.

By the time I got up there after getting fuel in the Suburban, Scuba was on he way down.

The trailer was sliding toward the ditch along this part of the road.

Down at the pavement Scuba re-tighten down the XJ and we headed out.

Jerry headed straight for town since he was low on fuel.
Scuba’s Tow Rig somehow lost all of the dash light and gauges. He was stuck in 4 Low.
Scuba drove to my place in Selah and had his wife come pick him up.
Sunday Scuba came to pick up the trailer with another truck. I pasted him on the road.
I am not sure where his Tow rig went since I was not at home when he came by. Good luck Scuba!

This was a fun run for most of us.

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Photos: 2010 Spanaway Moonshiners 4×4 Swapmeet

2010 Spanaway Moonshiners 4×4 Swapmeet
Report by Clay Graham. Photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

On Sunday March 7th, 2010 the Spanaway Moonshiners had their 4×4 Swapmeet in Puyallup, WA.

Ron Dunn with sponsored the ORV education booth again. Thanks Ron!

Here are some pictures taken by Ceg:

The booth.

The back side of the and education booths.




Earl Nettnin (PNW4WDA Region 4 Director)



Icesis, Barbie and Jag checking out a buggy.




Colemancooler slashing prices!

Sid resting from the night before.

Sid not too happy we woke him up. LOL

Looking back at the long walk from my rigs parking spot.

Thanks for visiting the ORV Trail Watch booth and our sponsor It was great getting to see so many fellow ORV enthusiast.

All Wheelers Off Road Club
Eastern Washington Off Road
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