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Photos: The Slab AKA Ranksville ORV Rules Sign Placement Run

The Slab AKA Ranksville ORV rules sign placement Run
Report by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

On Sunday October 25th, 2009 some of our members met with ORV Deputy Martin at the Slab ORV area (near Buena Washington) to place a new sign with the ORV rules.

Here are some pictures of the day.

First the sign had to be put on the post.

Test Dummy & BlindPilot started digging the holes.

Colemancooler took over BlindPilot’s hole.

Tiny Helped Deputy Martin secure the sign to the post.

One hole had to be deeper to get the sign strait and level.

Checking the sign with a level.

Colemancooler telling me off. Just kidding. LOL

The work crew minus the two people taking pictures for me and Deputy Martin.

Since we were at the Slab, we played some.


Tiny’s new XJ, Jarrod and 89-yota

More **** people dumped off.

Rollover Hill.

Just for fun.

Trails everywhere. BlindPilot joined up after dropping off he work truck.

The Northeast climbs are fun.

Someone needs to loose the front sway bar. LOL

Power pole Canyon has some fun off camber.

Tiny and Jarrod took off to help Test-Dummy go move my wife’s piano for her.

We moved onto Flex Canyon

A picture across my windshield.


BlindPilot’s turn.

Parking only. This climb beats up a rig.

Moving back out to the center section of the Slab.

This climb was real loose. I could not top it with my 99 XJ because it isn’t the rig I beat on.

You can see the dirt flowing down like water behind BindPilot’s rig.

Another loose climb.

This small climb was just powder.

On the way out I stopped to take pictures of the sign. Let’s hope it doesn’t get shot up or painted.

Close up.

This was a fun day.

A special thank you to Pepsi for making the sign and to the Yakima County Sheriffs Office for getting the project put together.

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