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Photos: Top Member Challenge at Ahtanum State Forest

Top Member Challenge
Hosted by Eastern Washington Off Road
Report by Clay Graham. Photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Off Road

On January 17th, 2009 we had our All Wheelers Off Road Club’s yearly challenge for Top Member on Cowiche Ridge in the Ahtanum State Forest. The challenge was to get up the mountain through the snow drifts and get the marker before other members.

This year we had five members competing which drew straws to get their place at the starting line on C-1000 near South Fork Cowiche Creek.

Here is the order of the challengers at the starting line:
1st BlindPilot – TJ
2nd Nevada – Toyota truck
3rd Havo – Toyota truck
4th Waycrazy – CJ5
5th Colemancooler – Toyota truck

The Judges:
JayW – CJ2A
Black-in-black – Toyota truck

The rules state they must stay on the Green Dot trail and only pass in areas where no damage would happen to the land. The first part of the trail did not have places to pass.

BlindPilot way out in front.







Up on top we had some local wheelers sabotage the challenge by getting in our pack.

Waycrazy broke a u-joint and had to drop out of the challenge.

The challengers and judges got spread out since the other group would not let them pass.


I got stuck behind this Toyota from the other group so I did not get many more challenge pictures.


Here is the finish line.

The 2009 All Wheelers Top Member Challenge winner was BlindPilot.

Fatboy presenting the TMC trophy to BlindPilot.

The prizes BlindPilot got were a set of Rough Country Roll bar Grab handles donated from Ron the Parts Guy and a Club t-shirt donated from Ceg.

The challenge was over and time to play.

A view of the fog in the valleys.

Ceg stuck again! Colemancooler and Jeepscum helping out. Thanks guys!

I was stuck good. Black-in-black winched me up the hill. Thanks!

Colemancooler working it.


Waycrazy got a u-joint from Roller bear and was back on the trail.

The next part was hard to get through with all the deep ruts.

Roller Bear stopped to air down more.

This climb took out another u-joint on Waycrazy’s CJ.

We all worked our way up as Waycrazy worked on his rig.





And the kids played.





Some decided to head home since the snow sucked. It was deep and would not pack.
I am not sure why they wanted to leave the sun to drive down into that fog.

We played a little on top and decide to head back down.
Some of us want to play on another ridge and some wanted to go home.

Yeah that fog sucked.

Down on Cowiche Mill road, we parted ways.
We had four rigs that headed up toward Jumpoff to play in the snow.

The ice on Cowiche Mill road was thick and slick.

We made it out of the fog to find a big drift we could not cross.

We turned around here to go back down.

We took up a different Green Dot road to get up onto Hatton road.

We found more deep snow for me to get stuck in.

Thanks guys for pulling my low rider around!

This was a very fun time thanks to all the members, judges and guest that came.

All Wheelers Off Road Club
Eastern Washington Off Road
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Photos: EWOR Sedge Ridge 4×4 Snow Run

Sedge Ridge 4×4 Snow Run
Report and photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

On Saturday January 3rd, 2009 we met up at the Tampico church.

After airing down we took the South Fork Ahtanum Road into the mountains.

We turned up the Boulder Trail.

The first climb was very challenging. It was icy under the snow and my rig wanted to crab walk off the side of the mountain.

Here is the first open area.

Here we all are after the first climb.

On up the trail to the next open area.

Blind-Pilot having fun.

The drifts across the open area were deep.

Here’s what ahead.

Up the hill and around the corner was even deeper.

Blind-Pilot took the lead breaking trail.

Here Blind-Pilot backed up for a big run at the powder snow.

Guido checking out the view as Blind-Pilot plows the trail ahead.

At the next switch-back I took the lead again. The drifts were getting bigger.

Here is a big drift up the trail a ways.

It took me a long time to get through this one.

Up the trail I find another big one. I start cutting into it to keep off the edge.

We back down a little ways so Blind-Pilot could take the lead again.

A nice view over looking Tampico and the Yakima Valley.

On up the trail I hear someone call me on the CB that wasn’t in the group.
It was Jerry. He was at home all the way across the Yakima Valley.
He sounded clear as if he was right there with us on the mountain.

Blind-Pilot doing a great job breaking trail for us.

I took over the lead for awhile.
The snow was not working for us. I was pushing way too much to get but a few inches farther at a time.
I was starting to run to low on fuel to keep pushing ahead. We turned around to go back down.

Another great view of the Yakima Valley.

Heading back down toward the South Fork Ahtanum road.

Down on the South Fork Ahtanum road we stopped so Scuba could get his XJ out of low range. He has to do it from below the rig.

Here we are back in Tampico airing up.

The snow conditions were a lot better then the run we did two day before on the next ridge over.
No one got stuck. This was a nice day and a great run thanks to all who came.

All Wheelers Off Road Club
Eastern Washington Off Road
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Photos: EWOR Pine Mountain New Year 4×4 Snow Run

Pine Mountain New Year 4×4 Snow Run
Report and photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

On Thursday January 1st, 2009 we meet up in Tampico for our New Years Run.
This year again BSLM let us come up to his private land on Pine Mountain at the Ahtanum State Forest.

We aired down at Nasty Creek Corrals.

With Roger in the lead with BSLM as co-pilot.

We were not far onto the private land when Roger had to air down even more to get through.

This picture was taken right before I got stuck in Roger’s holes.

Test Dummy pulled my XJ out and got in front of me since his XJ is locked on both ends and taller off the ground.

We had to wait for Roger to plow through the snow drifts.

Test Dummy got stuck in one of the deep drifts and had to winch out.

I made it through with speed. Tiny got stuck in it.

Test Dummy got stuck in the next drift. Roger came back to see.

After talking with BSLM, Test Dummy aired down to 2 psi.

The Tampico boys dug Tiny’s XJ out.

I think Test Dummy was able to drive out. He came back to pull my XJ through.

Then he pulled Tiny’s XJ through the same area.

Regrouping and playing around.

Tiny letting more air out.

Moving up the trail.

The next stop was at BSLM’s cabin.

On the trail again.

Hercules drove off the trail.

Nevada pulled him through the deep snow.

Moving again.

Hercules having a hard time making it up the climb. Trying it backwards.

Some of us that were up the hill circled back down to the group so we could go on a recovery mission.

We regrouped and headed down the mountain.
A lady’s car was stuck some where down there.

Waiting on the others to make the last hill climb up.

We made it down to the car.

We got the car out and were on our way back up the mountain.

Nevada wondering how Ron ( got into my XJ since he didn’t fit in there well.

Nevada towing TJ40’s rig up the hill.


The next area was a lot of fun.
I came very close to smacking a few trees with my 99 XJ as I crab walked along the hill side.
I could not make the turn up the hill so I had to spin the rear down hill so I could hit the climb straight on.
That work well. Will a few runs and RPMs we made it up. Here’s Roger on the top.

The rest of the group took another route to the top.

Blind-Pilot having fun.

TJ40 winching up.

Regrouping again.

As you can see, Ron ( does not fit to well in my XJ.

Heading out.

This was another great New Years Run thanks to all that came.

All Wheelers Off Road Club
Eastern Washington Off Road
Go Play Eastern Washington Adventures