Photos: EWOR “Wild Winger!” Naches Pass Run

“Wild Winger!” Naches Pass Run
Report and photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

On Friday July 17th, 2009 two of my boys and I headed up toward little Naches to set up the club camp for the weekend.

Going West on SR410 I had a rear tire come apart.
Here is the Ceg pit crew changing the tire.

The other tire did not look to good either but I was out of spares.
We took it easy going toward camp hoping someone might have a spare I could use.

The pit crew wanted to stop and see Horsetail Falls so we did.

Horsetail Falls in the background.

As we walk back to the truck we saw a group of FJ Cruisers pass.

At our camp off FS1906 we found Guido was already there. He had been there for awhile.
The others camping showed up not long after I pulled in.

On Saturday July 18th, 2009 around 10 AM we left camp.
We took FS1906 out to NF19 and took a left.
About a mile down was the Naches Pass Trail Head to the right.
The BFG sign was still missing from someone damaging it.

We were not to far onto the trail when Waycrazy’s Classic Junk broke down.
It wouldn’t be a normal Naches Pass Run if it didn’t. LOL
Being at the front of the group I am still not for sure what happen to the CJ.

It wasn’t long and we were back on the trail.
After crossing FS1913 we came to the first bridge on the Naches Pass Trail.
I told everyone over the CB to make sure they didn’t drive off of it.
Havo-Jr must have missed that message because we heard a lot of commotion over the CB.
We stopped and my co-pilot Jeepscum walked back to check it out.

I backed up down the trail to see for myself.
Well sure enough Havo-Jr cut it too short.

Havo-Jr is new at wheelin’. I am sure he learned something.

They got Havo-Jr back on the trail and we were off.

Here we are crossing the long bridge right before FS1914.

We ran the trail up until we saw that section of trail was closed for maintenance.
They did not have a detour sign so we took a guess how to go around the work zone.
We took a right at the old clear cut, then two more right turn to come out on FS1914 close to NF19.

So we now know where 1914-789 goes.

We turned left onto FS1914 and ran Pyramid Pass over onto FS7080.
We turned off FS7080 to the right onto Naches Pass Trail.
We ran the Naches Pass Trail down to NF70 and then some took a walk down to see the cliff where the wagons were let down.

Here are my boys coming back up from the cliff.

As we were about ready to go I heard some of our member yelling fire as they took off running with fire extinguishers.
We could see fire falling under the rig.
The guy got out and opened the hood as our members are yelling not to.
As soon as the hood was opened a ball of fire came out.

The fire was out.

Scuba help the guy get his rig down to the paved part of NF70 where the guys friends were camped.

We head back to camp by the way of Pyramid Pass.
Some of us got back onto the trail at FS1914 and ran it east toward camp.

On the trail we ran into an few guys from the west side.
We invited them to camp with us off FS1906.

The next morning I borrowed Crawl-Dads trailer spare tire to use on the other side of my tow rig. I made it home without loosing any more tires.

We had a great time thanks to all who came.

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