Photos: EWOR Spring Snow Run at the Ahtanum State Forest

Spring Snow Run at the Ahtanum State Forest
Report and photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

On Saturday April 18th, 2009 around 10 AM we met up at the Nasty Creek Corals for our Spring Snow Run.

We had 10 rigs on this run.

We headed up Doe Pocket.

We found some snow patches.


I nice day for a drive. Mt. Adams in the background.


Crawl Dad

Roller Bear

Put-Put & Geudo

The group.

The first of many times of me getting the Tweety Jeep stuck.

Roller Bear took the lead.

We turned up Jackass Road.

We stopped to regroup.

It was a little off camber in sections around Ewe Neck.
I am guessing it had been groomed a week before since it wasn’t all the way drifted over.

Up on top past the hairy stuff.

Here I am stuck again. Test Dummy getting ready to pull me out.

Now up at the Log Decks the snow starts getting soft.

Nevada working it.

Mt. Rainier

Test Dummy

I tried to go around Nevada and got stuck.

Nevada had made it through but backed up to pull me out and got stuck.

Looking back at more stuck rigs.

Roller Bear came back to pull us out and got stuck too.

Roller Bear and I hooked cables together and winched each other out.

Then Roller Bear winched out Nevada.

Havo working it.

Three of the rig pressed on. Roller Bear lead.

Here I am stuck again.

Roller Bear came back to pull me through.

Nevada got stuck and I pulled him out. That was a first since he usually pulls me out.

We made it up to the Rimrock Lake view Point.

Looking down on Rimrock Lake.

Here is looking at Dome Peak.

On the way back I stopped to take pictures of the Gray Rock Trail Sign.

We regrouped around the Log Decks.

Back to one of the soft spots.

I got stuck again. Havo and the other working their way through as Test Dummy pulled me out.

Blind Pilot showing us how it’s done.

Crawl Mama happy to be here.

Test Dummy stuck.

I am stuck again.

Crawl Dad lost a bead and with team work they had the rig back ready to roll in no time.

Back through Ewe Neck.

Here was the intersection we turn onto Jackass Road. We went on down Jackass Rd.

Down at the North Fork Paved road some of the people parted ways. The other went to the Sno-park to say there good byes.

This was another great run thanks to the people came. We could not have asked for better weather or snow conditions.

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