Photos: EWOR Sledding 4×4 Run at the Ahtanum State Forest

Sledding  4×4 Run at the Ahtanum State Forest
Report and photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

On Sunday December 14th, 2008 we met up in Cowiche at the Quick Stop for our annual Sledding Run.

This was meant to be an easy run that stock rigs could come on so all the kids could come.

Here are the rigs of the day getting ready to hit the road.
Ceg, Scuba, Foxracer, Victor and BlindPilot.

Entering the Ahtanum State Forest on Cowiche Mill Road.

It was just a nice drive in the country.

On the way up Victor had a call he had to go back to work.

At the end of the county part of Cowiche Mill Road we aired down.

Next we headed up C-1000 onto Cowiche Ridge.

It was easy going until the last long hill climb before the Strobach Mountain Trail Head.
Scuba’s stock XJ needed a pull on up the hill.

Here we are up on the Strobach Mountain Trail.
The trail is down on the left with some drifts.

That was a fun area to go through.
Here is around on the other side of that hill pictured.

BlindPilot and then Foxracer tried to climb up the next section of trail.
The trail was very slick with the rock face under the snow.

Foxracer come back down to sled with the kids.

My Lab loves the snow.

BlindPilot and his son sledding.

It was very cold so we did not sled very long.

We back tracked the Strobach Mountain Trail and then head down the ridge toward Nasty Creek Corals.

On the way off Cowiche Ridge we took C1600 just for fun since it was all fresh powder.

Here is the end of C1600.

We turned around and head on out.

On down along the South Fork Cowiche Creek we stopped to get the ice off the wipers.

Down at Nasty Creek Corals we decided to run up Doe Pocket.
Here is the top of the first climb.

Scuba had no problems.

Another nice scenic drive.

This hill climb was a lot of fun.

Scuba working the stock XJ.

I climbed it a few times. This was one of the times on top.

Foxracer on the hill climb.

Looking down on Nasty Creek Corrals and the North Fork Ahtanum Road.

Foxracer and BlindPilot airing up in Tampico.

Scuba at the store.

This is where we parted ways.

This was a fun run thanks to the people who came.

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