Photos: EWOR Pine Mountain New Year 4×4 Snow Run

Pine Mountain New Year 4×4 Snow Run
Report and photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

On Thursday January 1st, 2009 we meet up in Tampico for our New Years Run.
This year again BSLM let us come up to his private land on Pine Mountain at the Ahtanum State Forest.

We aired down at Nasty Creek Corrals.

With Roger in the lead with BSLM as co-pilot.

We were not far onto the private land when Roger had to air down even more to get through.

This picture was taken right before I got stuck in Roger’s holes.

Test Dummy pulled my XJ out and got in front of me since his XJ is locked on both ends and taller off the ground.

We had to wait for Roger to plow through the snow drifts.

Test Dummy got stuck in one of the deep drifts and had to winch out.

I made it through with speed. Tiny got stuck in it.

Test Dummy got stuck in the next drift. Roger came back to see.

After talking with BSLM, Test Dummy aired down to 2 psi.

The Tampico boys dug Tiny’s XJ out.

I think Test Dummy was able to drive out. He came back to pull my XJ through.

Then he pulled Tiny’s XJ through the same area.

Regrouping and playing around.

Tiny letting more air out.

Moving up the trail.

The next stop was at BSLM’s cabin.

On the trail again.

Hercules drove off the trail.

Nevada pulled him through the deep snow.

Moving again.

Hercules having a hard time making it up the climb. Trying it backwards.

Some of us that were up the hill circled back down to the group so we could go on a recovery mission.

We regrouped and headed down the mountain.
A lady’s car was stuck some where down there.

Waiting on the others to make the last hill climb up.

We made it down to the car.

We got the car out and were on our way back up the mountain.

Nevada wondering how Ron ( got into my XJ since he didn’t fit in there well.

Nevada towing TJ40’s rig up the hill.


The next area was a lot of fun.
I came very close to smacking a few trees with my 99 XJ as I crab walked along the hill side.
I could not make the turn up the hill so I had to spin the rear down hill so I could hit the climb straight on.
That work well. Will a few runs and RPMs we made it up. Here’s Roger on the top.

The rest of the group took another route to the top.

Blind-Pilot having fun.

TJ40 winching up.

Regrouping again.

As you can see, Ron ( does not fit to well in my XJ.

Heading out.

This was another great New Years Run thanks to all that came.

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