Photos: EWOR 4W613 Emergency work party

4W613 Emergency work party
Report and photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

Due to some ORV users on Labor Day Weekend tearing up a meadow on one of the trails we adopted, I called an Emergency work party. This could not wait. Others would follow mudding the stream and meadow if we did not do something fast. We wanted to get back there before it grows into something to get the trail closed. Some of us were able to change our weekend plans and headed up on Saturday September 6th, 2008.

We met up at the DNR North Fork parking lot near Jackass road and aired down.

We headed up Jackass road. It was good to see Mt. Rainier.
Lately it has been hiding in the clouds.

On up the road.

We turn down 4W613. Along the way we cut a few trees off the trail.

A small cut needed here.

The rigs of the day.

On down 4W613 we had to leave “The Middlekid’s” Dakota parked so it would not get carnage.

The Carnage would have started here.

Coming around Strobach Springs.

Colemancooler just past the Truck Cruncher.

We stopped to move a small log off the trail people were driving around widening the trail.

We cut a big log out of the trail here.

Here is the meadow we found two ORVs riding around. They said they didn’t know they could not drive out there.
When asked to get back on the trail they didn’t. All their friends came down the trail a rode out there too.
We came here to make sure people would have to work harder to drive in the meadow.
We found that more damage had been done since we saw it a week before.

Luck there where a lot of logs lying around the trail.
We started work lining the logs up.

We reburied the Green Dot marker.
This is the second time this year people drove over it and broke it off. It is getting short.

The work we did at the 613 Lower Meadow.

“The Middlekid” fought his dog to ride shotgun and lost.

The Truck Cruncher got Colemancooler’s Toy.

We stopped so “The Middlekid” could get his truck.
Here we found a Green Dot Marker broken from a fallen tree.

We fixed it.

Once up on top of Foundation Ridge we headed up FS1020 toward Blue Lake.
Here is Mt Adams over Whites Ridge.

At the Short and Dirty Trail we stopped to check on the Trail Marker for the Forest Service.
It is broken and held up by an axle and some rocks.

Since we were there we fixed one of the broken Green Dot Markers.

We dropped off FS1020 onto 4W615.
We stopped at Blue Lake for a break.

On the way out we did a little work on the Blue Lake Trail. We placed a log across a dead-end illegal trail.
People were driving the illegal trail trying to find their way out and having to turn around at the end.

We headed on out the North Fork Road and aired up at the pavement.

This was a great time and for a good cause. Thanks guys for your help on this Emergency work party!

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