Wenas Wildlife Area 4×4 Snow Run

Wenas Wildlife Area 4×4 Snow Run
Report and photos by Clay Graham

On Saturday March 5th, 2011 around 10 AM we met up at the Sheep Company Road entrance of the Wenas Wildlife Area for a 4×4 run hosted by Yakima/Kittitas Forest Watch.

We ran Durr Road, then Bull Pasture Road, Bell Tel. Road up onto the top of the Umtanum Ridge. From there we ran Umtanum Ridge Road northwest and dropped down on to North Wenas Road. We took the pavement to near Wenas Lake and headed back up on top of Umtanum Ridge. Once on top we run Umtanum Ridge Road to the towers and dropped down Durr Road back out Sheep Company Road.

The roads down lower were real muddy and the upper roads were covered by a few inches of snow. The snow was a little deeper in a few areas but not a problem for our group other than the off camber part of the Umtanum Ridge Road west of the Oasis. We did see one rig up there wheeling alone having problems until he put on chains. There were two groups of quads up there that seem to get around fine.

This was another fun time thanks to all that came. Here are my pictures of the day:

My Co-pilot “Bubz”airing down our tires.

The group airing down.

New sign. As far as we know, this law hasn’t past yet.

Heading up Durr Road.

Now on Bull Pasture Road.

This part was fun just because it looked worse than it was.

Turning on Bel Tel. Road.

Note to anyone that may wonder about the mud on our rigs:
We did not do any mudding! Mudding is illegal. Our rigs are covered with mud from our tires turning not from spinning in place.

Looking at what is ahead to get to the top.

Looking back at the area the last pic was taken.

On up looking back again.

Up on top of Umtanum Ridge taking a break.

View of the Ellensburg area.

The kids playing.

Passing by the Oasis.

The gate near North Wenas Road.

I am not looking forward to washing my rig.

On North Wenas Road looking at the group coming off the Wenas Wildlife Area.

Heading back up toward Umtanum Ridge from Wenas Lake.
Here Bubz is opening the gate on Hessler Flat Road for us to get back onto the Wenas Wildlife Area.

Looking back at the rigs coming into an off camber section of the road.

On the way up we saw some deer on the next ridge.

Here are a few more deer from another herd running from a coyote.

Looking back there is a good view of Cleman Mountain.

Looking toward Selah you can see Yakima.

The ride got softer here.

Back up on Umtanum Ridge.

Coming back into the Oasis.

Near the towers.

We took a break at the towers.

Heading down Durr Road.

Back down at the parking area airing up for home.

Another great day!


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