Photos: Green Lake Fire

Green Lake Fire

Report & photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

On July 11th, 2009 we were up on Jackass Rd setting up an aid station for the 50 K runners when the Green Lake Fire started.

The firemen that were at the aid station said they thought maybe
the fire was started by lighting Thursday night and had been just smoldering.

After we got the aid station set up we headed off to do some trail work on 4W613.
On the way we stopped on Foundation Ridge near the 4W613 trail head to look off at the fire.

We watched the helicopter drop water he was getting from Green Lake.

A second helicopter came.

As we were there the fire grew to the west toward Green Lake

The fire crew trucks at Jackass Road at 4W613

I had to run back to get my wife at the aid station.
The fire got bigger and the DNR asked that we took our work party out the other
end of 4W613 since the fire looked as it was going to jump Jackass road (FS1020).

Here is a picture near were the others were taken.

This was taken at the Dome Peak Trail Head.

This was taken from 4W613 at the Strobach Mountain trail.

After our trail work, I headed back up on Jackass Road to get my wife’s car.

On the way down I ran into the ORV Deputies. They were up there making sure everyone was out.

We went back to the Sno-park to get our tow rig and headed home.

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