Pacific Northwest 4 Wheel Drive Association’s 2011 Trail Jamboree – Day 1 of 5

Pacific Northwest 4 Wheel Drive Association’s 2011 Trail Jamboree – Day 1 of 5
Report and photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

This year I was invited to the Pacific Northwest 4 Wheel Drive Association Trail Jam to take pictures of the annual event. I showed up on the afternoon of Wednesday July 6th for the Trail Jam check-in. They checked my name at the entrance of Jim Sprick Park and then I made my way through the RV city to find a place to park to camp for the rest of the week. Once camp was set up I walked over and checked in at the information booth where they gave me a packet. The packet had information about the events, the rules, some free stuff and two tickets.

One of the two free tickets was for the daily sponsor raffle and the other was for the door prize drawing on Saturday. They had two other raffles where tickets were $1.00 each. One was a 50/50 raffle. With one of these tickets you could win 50% of the proceeds and the remaining 50% the Trail Jamboree. The other was a Prize Raffle which offered more chances to win variety of prizes. The Proceeds went to the PNW Trail Maintenance Fund.

The next step after check in was to get your trail rig safety inspection. I did not bring a rig since I thought I would get better pictures as a passenger but waked over to check the inspection point anyways to see what it was about. The club doing the safety inspections had a lot of work hours. Wednesday from 10 AM – 8 PM then 9 PM -10 PM, Thursday 5:30 AM – 7:30 AM then 4 PM – 8 PM and Friday 5:30 AM – 7:30 AM.

The entrance where they check your name with their list.

I found a level place for the trailer so I would not have to sleep up hill.

Here is the information booth where to get your packet, wrist band for meals and raffle tickets.

Here is where you get your required safety inspection on your trail rig.

Frank and Cliff kept the dust down around camp.

Trail Host meeting.

Sid Hagemeier (Trail Jam Chairman) welcoming everyone to this years event.

Merrick Graves (ORV Forest Ranger) talks about the local trails.

Marty Tilford talking about the trash pickup contest where the one that comes back with the most trail trash wins a prize.

The PNW4WDA President Angie Marek gives a speech.

Rick Newcomb of AutoNation of Seattle, one of the major sponsors.

Eric Johnson of 4Wheel Parts explaining the Light Sabre donation.

Chris Wood talks about his AEV 101 class.

Gloria Joralemon talks about what the Region 4 Junior Jeepers have going on during the Trail Jam.

Here are the trail sign up booths. Alisha and Mike Palachuk waiting for the crowd of wheelers to sign up.

AEV 101 Sponsored by Chris Wood is a great class for the driver who just bought a rig or is just beginning to wheel.
The run teaches a driver how to get through tough spots, emergency situations, navigate terrain and more.

Josh Wesselius from the Ridgerunner talked me into riding along with them on their Rimrock run.

Social time.

The first day of the Trail Jam was fun.


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