Memorial Day Ahtanum 4×4 Snow Run

Memorial Day Ahtanum 4×4 Snow Run
By Clay GrahamOn Memorial Day (Monday May 30th, 2011) Eastern Washington Adventures members met up at the Ahtanum Sno-park for a run looking to snow wheel. The snow level was not to far up the hill.

We ran Whites Ridge Loop Road and up Whites Ridge 4×4 Trail Just past McLane Canyon Road we hit snow. We could not get past an off camber snow drift section so we had to turn around. My rig (The Tweety Jeep) slid off the trail and got some damage as we were trying to get back up on the trail. The front grill assembly got ripped off, the passenger side front fender got smashed, I blew a bead on the front passenger side tire and I ripped part of the right lower control arm bracket as I smashed it.

Once my rig was back up the trail, we headed on down taking McLaine Canyon Road to the Mid Fork Ahtanum road. At this point we ran up to Tree Phones. We snow wheeled the camp driveway loops then took a break to let the kids run.

We all decided to head home from Tree Phones. After getting back down to the Sno-park and giving my keys to Sparky so she could drive my tow rig home, Craigen, BlindPilot, Test Dummy and I ran over Red Saddle and head out the South Fork Ahtanum Road.

This was a very fun day thanks to all who came. The Tweety Jeep may not feel the same way.

Here are some pictures of our day:


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