Little Rattlesnake Jeep Run

Little Rattlesnake Jeep Run
Report by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures
Photos by Clay Graham & Doc Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

Around 10 AM Sunday August 12th, 2012 Eastern Washington Adventures members met up at The Wood Shed in Nile Valley for the Little Rattlesnake 4×4 Run. Only three rigs made this run: Ceg (CJ5), The Middle Kid (CJ3A) and Issytj (TJ).

We convoyed to up FS1500 and aired down at the gravel. We turned on FS1503 and then run FS1501 to the end where the Little Rattlesnake 4×4 Trailhead (4W680) is.

The Little Rattlesnake 4×4 Trail was very dusty. The trail did not seem as tight as it was two years ago when I ran it with my same CJ5. I saw where some trees were cut down and some by-passes were made. If people don’t want to dent their rigs, they should not be on a trail that is meant for vehicles not to exceed 75 inches in width and a wheelbase not to exceed 95 inches in length. It is very sad to see people are screwing it up for others.

Once at the end of the Little Rattlesnake 4×4 Trail, we went up to Timberwolf Mountain. We really did not have a good view because it was hazy.

Next we headed over to 4W325 and ran it. We took 4W671 down and stopped at Bear Lake.

After a break at Bear Lake, we ran down to US12 next to the Oak Creek Feeding Station to air up for home.

This was a great of fun thanks to all who came.

Here are some photo of the day:

The meeting point.

Airing down at the end of the FS1500 pavement.

At the end of FS1501 at the Little Rattlesnake 4×4 Trailhead.

Heading up the Little Rattlesnake 4×4 Trail.

Odo looking at Charlie taking a picture.

A nice tight area.

No swinging around this turn without backing up.

The tightest part of the Little Rattlesnake 4×4 Trail. I had a hard time finding the right line.

Issytj had to try a few different ways too.

“The Middle Kid” made it look easy.

At the end of the Little Rattlesnake 4×4 Trail.

The next place we went was to Timberwolf Mountain.

Bethel Ridge in the background. Our next place to visit.

On Bethel Ridge we stopped to look down on Rimrock Lake.

Heading up 4W325.

Turning down 4W671.

A view of the valleys.

Doc having a good time Jeepin’!

This section of 4W671 was steep.

At the bottom of 4W671 we stopped at Bear Lake.

Heading out on FS1400.

My boys fell asleep.

Airing up on Oak Creek Road at US12.

This was a very fun run thanks to the people that came. I cannot wait to run these trails again.


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