Halloween Backroads Run at Wenas Wildlife Area – Oct 24 2009

Halloween Backroads Run at Wenas Wildlife Area
Report by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

On October 24th, 2009 the All Wheelers Off Road Club had the annual Halloween Run and Costume Party.
Here are some pictures of the run.

This year the run was at the Wenas Wildlife Area just north of Selah Washington.

This is the crew in the lead vehicle minus the co-pilot Ron Dunn AKA “4wheelingplus.com”.

We met up at the Sheep Company Road entrance of the Wenas Wildlife Area.

Airing down for the rough roads ahead.

We headed up Durr Road.
We saw many hunters a long the road. They looked at me as I was a freak. Could it be my Halloween hair? LOL

At Umtanum Creek we stopped for a break.

Spooking things were at the creek.

After a short break we headed on. At the end of Durr Road we turned up the Ellensburg Pass.
A few miles down the gravel road we turned off onto Hanson Pond Road.

Coming up to the Manastash Ridge Observatory.

The rigs of the day.

Ron Dunn took this picture of me and my dog.

Looking at Mt. Rainier from the Manastash Ridge Observatory.

After a few pictures we headed down Observatory road. Here we are turning on Mud Flat Road.

We ran Mud Flats Road, turned on Audubon road and out to the North Fork Wenas Road.
Not far down the pavement we turn up Ridge Road.

We stopped for a snake to cross the road.

Ron Dunn opening the gate.

Moving up the ridge.

Near the top we stopped at the last trees so the ladies had a place to go in private.

Here is a picture Ron Dunn took of the back of me. Wow, my wife did a number on my hair!

Looking across at the Manastash Ridge Observatory.

The group having lunch.

Moving across the top of Umtanum Ridge looking out toward the Thorp / Ellensburg direction at a big shadow from a cloud.

Looking off the other side down toward Selah and Yakima.

We past the towers and followed the Umtanum Ridge.

We had a long road ahead to go look at the Yakima River Canyon below Baldy Mountain.

Baldy Mountain and the Yakima River Canyon.

The group at the end of the trail facing Baldy.

Wenas Wildlife Area’s wildlife?
We had a werewolf come up to Havo-Jr’s XJ.

It was time to leave before someone got bit.

Heading back out toward Durr Road.

Looking toward Ellensburg from Umtanum Ridge.

Looking toward Selah / Wenas Valley.

At Durr Road we turned south and headed back to the Sheep Company road entrance.

Once we got back down and aired up, some left for home and the others headed to the Eastern Washington Adventures Club House for the Costume Party.

This easy site seeing run was a lot of fun thanks to all who came. The party was also a good time.


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