Exploring Yakima Lower Valley Road Trip (Part 1 of 3): Granger

Exploring Yakima Lower Valley Road Trip (Part 1 of 3): Granger
By Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

On the morning of Monday August 22nd, 2011 we left Wanapum State Park campground from our Eastern Washington Adventures Exploring Vantage Road Trip and headed down the Columbia River exploring. Next we headed down to the Lower Yakima Valley to see some sites. Our first of three places to see was the town of Granger, Washington. Here are a few pictures of our time there:

Granger has a road that loops through town with dinosaurs everywhere.

This is at the start of the loop close to I-82.

Granger City Hall.

This is at the end of the loop looking back at the park there.

The kids race to the volcano restroom.

Crossing the road to the other play ground.

They really need to enforce what is on this sign. The park smelled bad because of all the garbage people left.

This is a fun park for the kids. To bad the people that use it don’t take care of what they have.


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