Ahtanum Trails Log-out

Ahtanum Trails Log-out
By Clay Graham
Photos taken by Clay Graham & Amanda Graham.On Saturday June 25th, 2011 the Yakima/Kittitas Forest Watch Association met up at Nasty Creek Corrals for the annual Trail log out for 4W613 and Strobach Mountain Trail. We had a big turnout of volunteers in eight rigs this year. Along the way volunteers replace Green Dot markers that were broken and replaced bad reflector stickers. The first stop was at C1410 to replace a Green Dot marked that was damaged. Next we headed up 4W613 from Louie Way Gap. We moved a few trees off the trail as we climbed up to the view point over Louie Way. We regrouped at the view point and stopped to check out the view. We headed on up 4W613 toward Strobach Mountain Vista moving trees out of the trail along the way. We hit snow not far from were we regrouped. We pressed on until the snow drifts were to big to climb on the off camber trail. We headed back down and regrouped at the Strobach Mountain Trailhead on C1000. Some of the group headed out. We continued on up the Strobach Mountain Trail with four rigs. Not far up the trail we found someone had dropped off a pickup bed. We guess it was cooler for them to wheel without it. Just up the trail we ran into more snow. This trail does not have many off camber sections normally but with the snow drifts in the trees we had a lot of tree holes to wheel through. A long the way we had to move a few fallen trees from the trail and had to block off the muddy by-passes people had made. Don turned around half way up the trail since he had somewhere to be. Three rigs moved on up the trail. Once at Strobach Mountain Vista we took a break to look at the view before heading back. On the way back down we blocked off another bi-pass to stop mudding. We got back down to the Ahtanum Sno-park at 7 PM. Some camped after the long day of trail maintenance. This was a great time thanks to all who came and helped out.

Here are some pictures of the day:

At Nasty Creek Corrals waiting for Havo Jr.

Replacing the C1410 Green Dot marker that was damaged.

Havo, TJ40, Monster & Guido.

Ready for Green Dots.

After we got the tools loaded up, we headed on up C1000.

Here we are grouping back up as we topped Cowiche Ridge passing the Strobach Mountain Trail.

Havo and the dusty road.

Louie Way Gap 4W613 at 4W608.

We head up 4W613 to find a small tree down not far onto the trail.


TJ40, Jay & Guido.

Jay & TJ40


Next we found a big log that was cut and left in the trail.


TJ40 & Havo

Havo & TJ40

Moving on.


Photo taken by Amanda Graham.


Photo taken by Amanda Graham.

Another tree in the trail.

Jay, TJ40 & Havo

Jay & TJ40

Climbing up a steep rocky section of 4W613.

Photo taken by Amanda Graham.


Photo taken by Amanda Graham.


Photo taken by Amanda Graham.

We stopped at the 4W613 View Point over Louie Way Gap to regroup and take in the view.

Looking over Rimrock at Mt. Rainier.

Looking across Louie Way Gap at Jumpoff Lookout.

Moving up 4W613 we hit snow. This section of the trail is off camber when it is dry. The snow made staying on the trail difficult.

Monster clearing trail.



This big snow drift was blocking the way.

Taking a look off Divide Ridge as the other were backing down the trail.

Now turned around back tracking out.

Photo taken by Amanda Graham.

Photo taken by Amanda Graham.

Regrouping on 4W613 at 4W608.

Parting ways at the Strobach Trailhead.

TJ40, Don & Tiny.

Guido & TJ40

If you know who owns this pickup bed, please contact the DNR SE Region Office. You may have seen the truck running around town with a flag mounted in the front center behind the cab. They left the mount on and we would like to return it with the pickup bed.

Mt Adams

Another tree blocking the trail with a new bi-pass around it.

We came from down there that morning.

Guido, Don & TJ40.

The snow drifts with tree holes made the trail challenging in places.


Photo taken by Amanda Graham.


Photo taken by Amanda Graham.


Photo taken by Amanda Graham.


Photo taken by Amanda Graham.


Photo taken by Amanda Graham.

Guido got high centered and TJ40 helped getting Guido going again.

Another tree blocking part of the trail.

We could see Mt. Hood from the Strobach Mountain Trail.

TJ40 & Guido.

Near the top of the Strobach Mountain Trail there was a big snow drift to wheel over. Great fun!

Guido slid off the drift sideways.

At the 4W613 junction.

One of the Green Dot Markers was out of the ground.

Monster & Guido

Here we are at Strobach Mountain Vista.

Looking at Rimrock Lake and Mt. Rainier from Strobach Mountain.


Looking southwest down Divide Ridge. Mt. Adams, Dome Peak and Blue Slide in the photo.

Looking across at William O. Douglas Wilderness.

Mt. Rainier.

Dn’t park to close. It is a long drop to the bottom.

Looking back at Cowiche Ridge and the valleys below.


Goat Rocks.

Guido’s snack warmer.

TJ40 and Guido enjoying under the hood food.

There are a lot of flower this time a year.

Looking off Strobach Mountain.

Heading back down the Strobach Mountain Trail. This area is real dark because of the old growth.

A lot of cool views from the Strobach Mountain Trail.

Here we are blocking an area someone decided to mud.

TJ40 Jr.

Guido, Monster & TJ40.

Libby the wheeling dog.

Once back down at Nasty Creek Corrals we aired up to run pavement. Monster is helping out. You can tell she loves Goodyear MT/Rs. LOL


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