2011 Eastern Washington Adventures Summer Meet & Greet – Aug 5 2011

2011 Eastern Washington Adventures Summer Meet & Greet
By Clay GrahamThis year the Summer Meet & Greet event started Friday August 5th, 2011 and ran through Sunday August 7th, 2011.
What started off as an off road event has became much more, as has the Eastern Washington Adventures site.
For some this was the first time seeing a RTI Ramp in use and for others they have been on this RTI Ramp many times.On Friday night we buried a pig in the ground to cook for Saturdays Potluck. A lot of people camped out.Saturday afternoon we pulled the pig out of the ground and got it ready to eat. Around 4 PM a lot more people showed up.

We ate dinner, the kids sold raffle tickets to support the Forest Watch Volunteer Program and some played on the RTI Ramp.

Around 7 PM we drew raffle tickets to see who won the donated items. 4WheelingPlus.com donated a tree saver, a recovery strap and an Off-road Jack. Eastern Washington Adventures donated a lot of t-shirts.After the Official Meet & Greet we had a party for Lisa Graham AKA 99 (the Co-Owner of Eastern Washington Adventures) with a bonfire and dancing to help her celebrate turning 40 years old.

Sunday everyone packed up camp and headed home.

We want to thank everyone who came, the people who helped make the potluck happen, the people who helped cook the pig, the people that brought gifts, the raffle sponsors and the people that donated toward the Forest Watch Volunteer Program.

This was a great time because of you.Here are some pictures of the event:

Getting the rocks hot to cook the pig.

Adding the pig around midnight.

Buried the pig and looking to stop any smoke from coming out.

1 AM Saturday morning. The Club House ready for the event.

Some good beer for the ones over 21 years old.

Saturday afternoon.

Saturday about 2:40 PM. Digging up the pig.

The pig ready.

Saturday around 3:30 PM sitting in the biergarten.

Demontang with his new ride.

Saturday around 5:00 PM. The potluck starts.

Demontang ran home a got his truck to test the flex.

People meeting & greeting.

The Tweety Jeep.

Photo by Hank Graham.

Photo by Hank Graham.

Photo by Hank Graham.

Log parking.


Test Dummy in Icesis’ James Bond XJ.

DJ thinking of jumping his bike.

Saturday around 7:30 PM. People getting ready for the raffle drawing.

Demontang was the raffle winner of the tree saver and then the tow strap both donated by 4WheelingPlus.com.

Odo picking out the next ticket.

TJ40 was the raffle winner of the Off-road Jack donated by 4WheelingPlus.com.

Saturday around 8 PM. We sang happy birthday to Lisa AKA 99.

The new parking area out front was full.

The party after dark.

And the dance for some.


About Clay Graham

Photojournalist at Selah Sweets / Eastern Washington Adventures - Our mission is to help communities on the east side of the Cascades in Washington State by promoting responsible outdoor recreation, promoting tourism, and community involvement. Our vision is to see Eastern Washington as a destination point to do bring more things to do.
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