2011 Beverly Dunes Clean-up & Camp-out

2011 Beverly Dunes Clean-up & Camp-out
Report by Clay Graham
Photos by Clay Graham & Greg Mackey (DNR)

On Friday May 6, 2011 volunteer met up at Beverly Dunes for the annual Beverly Dunes Clean-up & Camping Trip hosted by Yakima/Kittitas Forest Watch (a division of Eastern Washington Adventures. Saturday morning other volunteers showed up to help with the clean-up. The clean-up took only about 3 hours since the dunes were pretty clean.

This was a great family trip. Volunteers got a chance to wheel the dunes Friday night through Sunday afternoon. Most packed up early on Sunday to head out to spend Mother’s Day with love ones.

Here are some pictures of our weekend.

Friday morning I met up with Foxracer at 4WheelingPlus.com to convoy to Beverly Dunes.

We stopped at Ryegrass Rest Area so Foxracer could fix his top.

We got the Base Camp set up.

Heading out to play in he dunes. Odo rode with Foxracer.

Doc rode our quad.

Our small wheeling group.

Monster took over the quad, Doc rode with Foxracer and Odo rode with me in the Tweety Jeep.


Saturday we had a driver’s meeting and headed out to pick up trash.

Some of the ORVs out for the clean-up.

Doc was my Co-pilot. We had a great time.

Doc worked hard.

Odo was Foxracer’s co-pilot for the clean-up. They make a good team!

TJ40 started from the other end.

Scout swam across the creek.

Here Scout is coming back.

Earl & Sande from the Desert Rats.

Bubz rode with Monster on our quad for the clean-up. Here Bubz is crawling under a tree for trash.

Back at Base Camp.

Some of the volunteers that came out to help clean up trash at Beverly Dunes.

Photo taken by Greg Mackey (DNR)

Photo taken by Greg Mackey (DNR)

After the clean-up we headed out for some ORV fun.

Test Dummy.

Havo Jr.

Jeepscum and Autumn.

Back at camp.

Odo messing with Sparky.

Guido kicking back.

We had to go help Havo Jr.

Just say “NO” to tree hugging!

Some night wheeling.

Sunday morning waking the kids up in our new fold-up camper. LOL

After breakfast we headed out to play some more.

Taking a break at camp.

The last run for the weekend.

Loaded up for home.

Thank you to all that came out and helped. We had a great time.


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