Photos: PNW4WDA Region 4 Pick Up A Mountain

PNW4WDA Region 4
Pick Up A Mountain
Report & photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

On the morning of Saturday September 20th, 2008 126 volunteers met up in Little Naches at Long Meadows off of FS1920 to sign in for the clean-up. 6 Region 4 clubs (out of 1 – Desert Rats, Jeepin Nomads, Roamin Chariots, Shindig Wheelers, Peak Putters, Yakima Valley Timberwolves), 1 Region 2 club (Thunder Trucks), Eastern Washington Off Road, Washington State Snowmobile Association, WaZuk’s, Zombie Off-Road and others that just showed up to help. A total of 9,080 miles were traveled by volunteers to get there.

Our club members signed up and were off to pick up trash. Two guys in a Toyota pickup asked if they could come along. They said they were from the west side and had saw the flyer in Cliffdell and they wanted to help. We said we could use the help so they came along with our club.

On FS1702 we aired down.

We drove on up, took FS1720 and then onto FS1701.

Our first stop was at the 1701/530 camp area.

Bubz could not believe how much trash was in the camp since we were there in June.

Monster held the bag for Crawl-Dad.

The Westside-guy and Fish taking a bed to the truck.

Crawl-Dads friend from Tri Cities.

Crawl-Mama & son.

After we got the camp cleaned up we headed to the Manastash Summit Trail Head (4W694).

Not far up the trail we found a camp with a lot of trash, a barbeque, burnt table and a big chair. It was nice having two trucks to haul the big stuff.

At 4W670 two rigs went down to FS1701 and back up to pick up that trail as the rest of us picked up the trash on the top.

Moving on up the trail getting mostly cans along the way.

We stopped at the Manastash Lake view point to pick up some trash. We could not see the lake because of the fog/clouds.

This area had a lot of broken parts laying around and a beauty ring.

By the time we got to Funny Rocks it was very cold. We picked up the big stuff we saw.

It’s one of those Jeep things!

Looking back at Funny Rocks.

Here people tossed a lot of cans before dropping down 4W686.

Here we are at the bottom of the 5 fingers.

We took Wood Pecker.

Coming out the end of Wood Pecker.

The rigs of the day secured their loads and were ready to go back to the Base Camp.

Here is how much trash there was after we unloaded. There were other rigs coming in as I left.

After everyone unloaded the trash they picked up, it added up to 1.248 tons of trash. It took 1,072 work hours to get it.

This was a real fun event I plan to be at again next year. I want to thank everyone that came out, the PNW4WDA Region 4 for hosting it, MtnRubi for all her hard work making it happen and all who sponsored the event.

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