Photos: Olmstead Place State Park Easter Egg Hunt

Olmstead Place State Park Easter Egg Hunt
Report and photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

On Saturday April 3rd, 2010 some of the Eastern Washington Off Road members brought out their children for the Moose Lodge’s Easter Egg Hunt at Olmstead Place State Park.

We had an member picnic after everyone left. Foxracer is the Park Ranger and he was a great host for our group.

Here are a few pictures of the fun.

Waiting for other club members.

BlindPilot showed up.

5 and under off hunting Easter eggs.


BlindPilot helping his little ones.

Odo in the crowd.

BlindPilot coming back with the kids.

Odo’s find.

Foxracer coming over to see us.

Charlie off running.

Now the older kids.

A motorcycle club was there giving out bags of treats to the kids. Odo coming with one.

Waiting for Waycrazy to get there.

We had a picnic after everyone left and Foxracer could join us.

Dog pile on Test Dummy.

Foxracer showed us the old school house.

It was a great time thanks to everyone that make it happen.

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